The Hate

By Saadi | Poetry

Jan 05
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There is a Hate in this world
An unintended Hate born of apathy, of ambition
Of wanting, of busy
Born of short sighted success

The Hate belongs to all of us
We feed it with our habit
With our:
“If I didn’t someone else would”
With our:
“It’s just the way things are”
With our separation

The Hate sweeps through the world
Like and unseen ill wind
Causing war, famine, epidemics
It melts icecaps,
Lays waste to forests,
Drains swamps and rivers
Poisons oceans and aquifers

The Hate is a denial of interdependency
A fearful vengeance
Railing against our uncertain lives and deaths
Against our insignificance

The Hate is an unacknowledged Murder-Suicide Pact
At times I see it,
And I am afraid
Then I look away

I am afraid for us
I am afraid for this world
Our world

Do not misunderstand
It is not this planet I fear for
The Earth was here before we named it

It is not life I am afraid for
Life arises and passes away
And arises again
On this miraculous planet

I am afraid for us
For our generations of Children
And Hatchlings, and Larvae
Our Cubs and Kids and Calves
Our Pups and Fingerlings
Our Seedlings

I am afraid for life as it exists
In this cosmic blink of an eye

The Hate disregards the depth of time
It measures existence
In billable minutes,
Lunch hours, public holidays,
Working weeks, quarterly performance,
Financial years,
Twenty Four month contracts
Election cycles

The hate takes Billions of years
And compresses them into 6000

The Fear at the heart of The Hate
Is The Fear of the incomprehensible
The unquantifiable

The Hate tries to soothe its fear,
By counting
A Million units,
A Billion barrels,
A Trillion dollars

Counting a drowsy humanity
Into the eternal sleep
Of Extinction
And taking other species along for the ride

The mathematics of existence
Cannot be expressed in a
Profit and Loss Statement
The complexity of life
Defies our algorithmic alchemy

I am not blameless
We are not blameless

So what is left to us?

Asking difficult questions,
Making difficult choices,

Is this enough?
Only time will tell.

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